Don’t Forget your Mozark lawn games at your picnic!

Now that summer’s on the brain, it’s time to start thinking about great ways to enjoy some outdoor summer fun! While vacations and amusement parks are fun, a good ol’ summer picnic is a great way to enjoy some beautiful weather and delicious food. With just a little bit of planning, summer picnics can be a quick and easy way to make summer feel extra special!

Whether you’re going for some casual fun or want to make it a fancier affair, a little bit of picnic planning goes a long way. Here are some things to consider when you want to plan a summer picnic.

Consider Your Guests

The guest list will dictate what kind of tone your picnic can have. If kids are involved, how old are they? Will they be able to last long in hot weather? Having a more intimate gathering? Your guest list will tell you what kind of food to serve, where to have the picnic and what kind of activities you can do after eating.

How Much Prep

A traditional picnic requires some food prep and planning to make sure you have everything you need. However, you don’t always have to have a traditional picnic. Stocking up with food and drinks at your favorite restaurant or grocery store is perfectly okay. It’s your picnic—enjoy it any way you want!

Prepare Your Menu

No matter if you’re prepping food or picking it up, having the right type of food is essential for picnics. A good rule is to have foods that you can enjoy cold or at room temperature. Low-maintenance foods that don’t need any extra on-site preparation are also a good idea. Foods that only need a fork or can be held in your hand are an extra bonus for a hassle-free meal.

Pack Your Food

If possible, bring at least two containers with your picnic food. One for room temperature food and the other dedicated to chilled food and drinks. Be sure to pack in reverse order so you can easily access your supplies at the right time.

Stay Self-Sufficient

For a truly successful picnic, be ready for everything. Pack all the necessary things you need to serve food, clean up and have fun after you eat. Things like napkins, plates, garbage bags and wipes/hand sanitizer are essentials to make sure nothing gets in the way of your good time.

Plan Some Picnic Fun

After-meal activities are a great way to bond with your guests. Sports, trivia, water guns, sack races or scavenger hunts are great outdoor activities. Just be sure to have something for everyone, especially if you have a wide range of ages at your picnic.

A sure-fire way to end your picnic with some fun is with a lawn game from Mozark USA! Our games are perfect for all ages, easy to set up, pack, and store for next time! By packing a Mozark backyard game is a fantastic way to make sure your picnic is epic fun!