These days, “Made in America” sounds good, but is no longer as simple as it used to be. Most Americans are aware that their good ol’ American products with American labels may be made overseas or assembled here with parts made overseas. The truth is, there are many good reasons to consider buying American-made products, in particular an American-made game.

After decades of Chinese and Japanese domination, finding a 100% American-made backyard game seems too good to be true, but wait, it exists! Every Mozark product you purchase is developed, and produced in the United States. Every single part comes from American manufacturers. Mozark sources and produces everything right here (within a 600 mile radius) of our headquarters in Lamar, MO.

So how exactly does buying American-made products help the country? And what’s in it for you? Read on, we’ve listed three reasons why you should by American-Made products.

Provides Jobs for Future Generations

The jobs that our future generations will have matters. Jobs for our children and grandchildren to not only learn the value of hard work, but also jobs that will help themselves, their families, and their country prosper are important.

As the U.S. manufacturing ability fades, many Americans may be out jobs. Manufacturing in the United States means guaranteed jobs – the more money invested in buying American-made products, the more money that goes into manufacturing them.

Risky and Unsafe Foreign Labor Standards for Workers

Foreign labor standards allow unsafe working conditions in many countries. When products are made in the U.S., federal and state governments can ensure that proper laws are upheld in accordance with the US Labor Laws. Sweatshops are still rampant in other parts of the world where the majority of our imported products are being made.

When you buy American, you support American workers and American manufacturing businesses, and honest American labor standards.


Guaranteed Quality of Goods

When you seek out goods made in the USA, you are helping foster American independence. Even the term “Made in the USA” speaks to the quality, excellence, and superiority of craftsmanship and, therefore, the final product. While price tags are often higher for made in the USA products, the payoff is worth it as the US produced product will last far longer than a foreign made alternative.

Are You Ready to Buy an American Made Backyard Game?

At Mozark, we are proud of our Made in the USA label, but for us, it’s more than a label. As all of our products and parts are developed and produced in America, we take great pride in our work. The quality of our products come from our great Midwestern work ethic. Our Endura-Bags (bean bags) are hand stitched by folks in Lamar, MO, with love and care put into every stitch.

Order your American Made backyard games for your family this Fourth of July online today.