Tailgating has become a sport in itself, especially at big universities in the Midwest and Southern states. Pregame tailgating isn’t even just a party, but a community-building experience that is based on years of tradition and a love of your team and your university.

Tailgating is Essential To Sports Fans

Many of us can recall with fond memories our college years of tailgating before a football game, surrounded by a big crowd of your friends, old and new, family, and others there for a common goal: to have fun and watch the game, well, sometimes. According to the results of the 25th Weber Grill Survey, 50 percent of the Weber Grill owners surveyed said they attended a tailgate in the past year but did not go to the game.

Tailgating Is, At Least, a $35 Billion Industry

Mark Stewart, a former executive director of the Tailgating Industry Association (TIA) has explained in recent years that tailgating is a lucrative industry, with no slowing down in sight. The Tailgating Industry Association’s research has cited that the tailgating industry makes upwards of $20 billion a year for football alone. The problem comes into play because lines have yet to be drawn as to what defines money spent on tailgating. Do you calculate the money spent on gas? Hotel rooms? Yard games? Food and drinks? The truck the person used to tailgate? Although the calculations are difficult, Stewart details reports of another $35 billion spent on auto racing, major league baseball, and concert tailgating. Stewart says that tailgating activity appears to be growing every year.

Finally, The Tailgating Industry Association estimates that $35 billion is spent on food and drinks alone for tailgating every year.

Impress Your Fellow Parking Lot Partiers This Year

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