This week has made us feel like FALL is finally here! But don’t worry about putting your fishing pole up yet – Fall could very well be the most exciting time of the year, and the best chance for catching trophy fish.

Make the most of your fall fishing with Mozarks’ Filet Factory fish cleaning station.

What To Know About Bass Fishing In The Fall
As the days get shorter and the air gets crisper, the cool air begins to create calm mornings on the water. Bass are typically aggressive during the Fall months – they are hungry and eager to feed as they “stock up” for the cold winter months.
So what does this mean to you? Fall bass fishing can be great fun full of fast action OR incredibly frustrating if you don’t understand their seasonal habits.
The Filet Factory Can Ensure Your Fall Fishing Is Easier Than Ever Before

The Fillet Factory will be the last fish cleaning station you will ever own. It is built to last – it may just outlive you!

You will never find cheap Chinese thin gauge legs, or blow molded tops on this product. This product is made in the USA.

Here are the specs:

Top | durable, large high-density plastic that is 37.5 inches wide by 24.5 deep

Cutting Board | half inch thick 24 X 8.5, removable

Steel Legs | strong 16 gauge, powder coated (leg assembly/disassembles and store neatly inside of top tray)

Storage Area | used to hold your catch, may be used to hold water

Drainage System | 24 X 2 (to help keep you filleting surface clean)

12 X  8 area with holding tabs for kitchen sized trash bags

1 Dia hole in top surface to hold a hose sprayer

Large storage area under cutting board that can be used to store regular fillet knives, and electric carving knives

Measuring Ruler | 24, embossed in the top to measure your catch

All of our products are completely made in the USA and stored in our warehouse in Lamar, MO. If you are looking for the best family outdoor games, or best fish cleaning station visit us at mozarkusa.com to order yours now!